Stories of the future, told with curiosity, purpose and compassion

At Journey Matters we’re creating a more mindful and playful way of equipping children for the future.

This is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in the power of emotional expression as a superpower for today, and tomorrow. And that when it comes to growing up, the journey matters more than destinations. These are the stories we’re telling through our offerings and our growing community.


The world is changing rapidly and the future will unfold a world full of possibilities. While it is exciting, it will also demand a greater breadth of skills from our children. Sure, academic and co-currricular abilities will give them an edge. But the skills they need to survive in a changing social and emotional landscape is what will strengthen them from the core. Inculcated at an early age, social-emotional learning (SEL) will grow these vital skills, deepen its roots over time and set them up for success.

When Hyderabad-based mental health practitioner Drishti Goenka was introduced to the potential of SEL, she was keen to impact the SEL vocabulary of children. She realised that they feel an array of emotions, but may not always find the right way to express them. Equipping children with the skills to better understand and express themselves, will help them evolve into well-rounded adults, ready to embrace the challenges of tomorrow with confidence. That is when she founded Journey Matters.


Children are tender beings. Every time they see us living the virtues of listening, transparency in action and making sustainable choices, they’re likely to adopt them too. And when children learn well, they will make the world a better place.

We are here to power each child to live their best life, and this is just the beginning of who we are and what we are set out to do.


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